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(203) 770-6934

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Dyno Tuning Services

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Fully Custom Dyno Tuning You Can Trust

KillTech Tuning specializes in one thing: perfectly tuning your car’s engine the first time for optimized performance. Every engine calibration service begins with an engine diagnostics test to determine exactly what your engine needs to reach peak performance.  

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 Pre-Tuning Engine Diagnostics Testing

When you’re ready to accelerate your engine’s performance, we’ll start with a comprehensive diagnostic test. From there, we’ll analyze which areas can be fine tuned to deliver maximal engine output and force. Then, we’ll implement those calibrations to fine-tune your engine for increased power, increased efficiency and improved drivability. 

Engine Performance Services

Custom Tuning to Deliver Your Engine at its Best

After a full diagnostics test, we’ll calibrate your engine to maximize its strengths and meet its full potential in performance and power. Trust our tuning experts to deliver an optimized engine the first time, without causing damage down the road. 

Choose KillTech for Your Engine Performance Services

Experience and Professionalism

Every car is as unique as its owner. That’s why we listen to what car owners need from their car’s performance and apply years of experience in delivering it. We treat every car with the same respect and professionalism as we give to their owners.

Trustworthy Tuning

Unlike some tuning shops, our precision tuning won’t put you at risk for a damaged engine later. It can be difficult to find an established, reliable tuner. Trust us to get it right. Or, check out our reviews and let our satisfied customers convince you. 

A Better Driving Experience

If you already love your car, wait until you experience it with precision tuning done right. You’ll love the maximized power, efficiency and driveability of a finely-tuned engine. Look forward to a much more enjoyable driving experience with us.

We specialize in both domestic & foreign vehicles

If it's got four wheels and has over 200hp, we've probably tuned it. Reach out today to confirm we can work on your vehicle.


Wave the Green Flag Today

Ready to optimize your engine and reach your car’s full potential? Let’s get started! 

Our Engine Tuning Customers Love Us

We know it can be hard to trust someone else with the car you love and rely on. In case you’re not the trusting type, here it is directly from our happy customers: 

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Who We Are!

KillTech Tuning is Connecticut’s professional engine tuning and calibration shop, located in Meriden, CT. We serve the Greater Connecticut area and car enthusiasts from all over the United States who are seeking reliable, precision tuning. We strive to deliver a perfectly calibrated engine the first time, for a better driving experience every time.

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See What KillTech Tuning Can Do For You

Don’t wait to bring your car in for diagnostics and tuning! We’re ready to elevate your driving experience and deliver a powerful, efficient upgrade to your driving experience today.